Dual Masseuse For Nipples And Clitoris

A 2 pack of silicone hand held suckers for the nipples and also for the clitoris. Just place on the ..

RRP: £9.99 £7.99 In Stock
Glass Nipple Pump

Tantalise your nipples, make them fully erect and more sensitive...

RRP: £16.49 £12.99 In Stock
Intake Anal Suction Device  2 Inch

The Intake Anal Suction Device is not for the faint of heart. Once applied, Intake creates an air ti..

RRP: £14.99 £12.99 In Stock
Nipple Amplifier Enlargement Bulbs With O Rings

The Pyramid Nipple Amplifier Bulbs are an erotic way to have fuller, more erect nipples. This enlarg..

RRP: £16.99 £13.99 In Stock
Klit Kiss Pump

Pink clit and nipple stimulator with tickling dots..

RRP: £18.99 £14.99 In Stock
Intimate Clitoral Pump

Designed for full body intimate use, Superior suction for increased sensitivity, Flanged base for a ..

RRP: £20.99 £16.99 In Stock
Fetish Fantasy Series Super Sucker Trio For Clit And Nipples

When youre looking for intense suction pleasure without the use of an external pump, the Fetish Fant..

RRP: £22.99 £19.99 In Stock
HiBeam Vibrating Nipple Pumps

Two ultra soft nipple cups with removable chrome mini vibrators that twist on off. Easy to use hand ..

RRP: £25.99 £19.99 In Stock
Penetrating Mini Clitoral Pump

the noduled soft vibrating penetrating stimulator head has a slide control to adjust the probe lengt..

RRP: £25.99 £19.99 In Stock
Plungers Extreme Suction Silicone Nipple Suckers

These nipple suckers are no joke! A wide opening allows for the suction of a large area. The unique ..

RRP: £22.99 £20.99 In Stock
Easy Grow Breast Enlarger

Breast enlargement system. Double vacuum cups, flexible straps and vacuum pump with release valve...

RRP: £29.99 £23.99 In Stock
Premium Small Cup Vagina Pump

Suitable for the beginner, or the more advanced Pumpers out there, this Premium Vagina Pump has sili..

RRP: £30.99 £23.99 In Stock
COLT Muscle Nips Pump

2 multi use heavy duty cylinders with intense suction action. The removable air hose easily detaches..

RRP: £31.99 £24.99 In Stock
12 Piece Suction Cupping Set

Sucking or cupping therapy is a form of Chinese alternative medicine in which a local suction is cre..

RRP: £44.49 £37.99 In Stock
Satisfyer Pro 2 NEXT GENERATION Clitoral Massager

The Satisfyer Pro 2 gives women what they want, the power to enjoy intense and multiple orgasms in t..

RRP: £49.99 £39.99 In Stock
Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

You enjoy your Satisfyers pressure waves, but you miss the sensual vibrations of a classic lay-on vi..

RRP: £59.99 £47.99 In Stock
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